Resmic Component for EVM Compatible Blockchain

Resmic SDK old version.

npm i resmic@1.0.10


import { useState } from 'react';
import {EVMConnect, Tokens, Chains} from 'resmic'

function App() {

	const [paymentStatus, setPaymentStatus] = useState(false) // Returns bool after the payment
	// Your code...

  return (
            <EVMConnect  Address={"YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS"} //Wallet address to receive funds
                Chains={[ Chains.Ethereum, Chains.Polygon, Chains.Goerli]} //Choose the blockchains to allow payments from
        	Tokens ={[Tokens.USDT, Tokens.BUSD, Tokens.MATIC, Tokens.ETH]} //Choose the Tokens to accept payments from
                Amount={100} //Amount you want to receive in USD($)
                setPaymentStatus = {setPaymentStatus}
                noOfBlockConformation={5} //No. of blocks to wait for the payment conformation (Optional)
                Style = {{displayName: "Make Payment",
                    backgroundColor: "#007bff",
                    color: "#fff",
                    border: "none",
                    padding: "10px 20px",
                    borderRadius: "4px",
                    fontSize: "18px"}}




Visit list of supported blockchains & supported tokens for more details.

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